By Leigh Hodgkinson (Balzer & Bray)

Sunny McCloud is a little girl with a big smile. Most days. But today her mom has told her she can’t have any more cookies until dinner.  Sunny feels a little down.  She says she’s not sulking – she’s just worried because she can’t find her smile.  She knows that if she could just find it, everything would be ‘very nice and normal indeed.’

This is because Sunny loves smiling:

“Smiling is one of my favourite hobbies.

Smiling makes me feel Sunshiny

and as fresh as a daisy,

whatever the weather!”

After searching high and low she gets sidetracked by her lovely dog Mr Honeycomb and before she knows it he helps her find her smile.  A very sweet story about how sometimes even a sunshiny person can’t smile – but if you stop worrying and have fun and forget about what’s bothering you – you’ll find your smile soon enough.

Written and illustrated by award-winning animator Leigh Hodgkinson who has a range of other books including another one featuring the irrepressible Sunny McCloud.






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