The Something

By Rebecca Cobb (Macmillan)

Ages 4-6

“Underneath the cherry tree in our garden there is a little hole. We found it one day when I bounced my ball and it didn’t come back.”

The mystery of who made the hole and what lives inside fills this little boy with wonder and imaginings.  Everyone has their opinion; his mum thinks it’s a mouse’s house, his dad wishes he would leave the hole alone, (and is hilariously secretly scared it is full of frogs), his sister says there’s a troll living there and his best friend thinks it’s a dragon’s den, while his dog dreams of rabbits… Cobb has been hailed for her ‘child-friendly’ voice and I can see why. This story feels so true to life – it got my little niece imagining all sorts of wonderful things living down the mysterious hole and of course my son was adamant it was probably a snake and no-one should put their hand down that hole!  I love how it turns a simple thing: a hole in the lawn, into an adventure in imagination. This lovely interactive story book is the latest by the award winning author and illustrator of books such as Aunt Amelia, Lunchtime and Paper Dolls.


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