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7 Comprehension Skills

In a world overflowing with information it’s more important than ever to use comprehension skills to  extract meaning from a text and be able to apply that elsewhere.  Simply put, your child needs to understand what he is reading. It may sound simple, but chances are at least 30% of what a child reads goes over their heads. And that 30% could be vital information – especially when they get to high school. Try these 7 Skills If your child is battling, we have 7 strategies to help them master comprehension. Sit with your child and ask them to read a
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Your Child Needs This Skill: Metacognition

Simply put, metacognition is the ability to think about thinking.  Metacognition implies an understanding of your own thought process.  When reading, we instinctively infer meaning, guess what the characters will do, make links between earlier texts or quiz ourselves to understand what is happening.  This goes beyond literal comprehension and factual knowledge. Deep Reading When we metacognise we put information in context, connecting it to prior knowledge, interpreting, analyzing and contrasting it to previously held understanding. We employ all these metacognitive skills to detect the deep meaning – which is why I call it deep reading. Can Your Child Do
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