by Lauren Kate

Guest reviewed by Hanna Essop, 12, Grade 7

Never, ever cry… She always knew she was different, but after her mother was killed in a freak accident, seventeen year old Eureka distances herself from her friends and family – except for her best friends, Brooks and Cat. But when she meets the mysterious boy with the turquoise eyes, her world is turned upside down. Her mother always loved puzzles, so when Eureka finds an ancient story, of heartbreak and sorrow, should she even be surprised?

As Eureka embarks on an adventure to understand what her mother left her, the strange boy’s sudden appearance and her mother’s death seem connected. Can Eureka solve this mystery? Or is all that she still loves doomed? Join Eureka and her friends in this new trilogy by Lauren Kate as they journey across the seas to find the answer to this mystery. It is, by far, a much better book than Lauren Kate’s previous series (Fallen), in that it grips you from the very first page and leaves you wanting more. For those of you who have tried, and disliked the Fallen series, I can promise you a MUCH better read, as I enjoyed this book, although, I would not recommend it to those who do not enjoy reading, or who are under the age of 10.




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