The Crown on Your Head

By Nancy Tillman (Feiwel and Friends)

A beautiful, soulful baby book about the magnificence of each child, who is born with a sparkling, glimmering crown of ‘moonlight, fireflies and dragonfly wings’ on their heads – their souls. There is a gentle quality to the rhyming text that feels intimate and magical – a special bed time book to share.  Although it’s aimed at ages 0-4, I bought this for my 9 year-old – it’s a message every child should hear.  I bought Tillman’s other book Wherever You Are My Love will Find You for my 11 year old – also a relevant message – and she loves it so much she took it to school to show her friends.

Inspiring and uplifting, the world is seen as an exciting place to adventure and grow: “The world is a wonderland waiting for you.” The perfect partner to Dr Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Award winning author Nancy Tillman has written a series of books in this same intimate style, each with gorgeous illustrations that would look great as posters.


“I always knew just what your crown meant

It said that you were MAGNIFICENT.

(That means you are grand from your toes to your chin.

Take a deep breath and let that sink in.”)


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Robert Louis Stevenson

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