The Elders At The Door

By Maryanne Bester and illustrated by Shayle Bester (Jacana)

When three elders approach a house early one morning, the family invite them to enter, eat and keep warm with them.  The elders answer that they never enter together, the family must choose which of them to invite inside.  Their names are Blessings, Wisdom and Love.

The family are thrown into a big discussion over who should get invited inside.  The eldest wants blessing, the middle child wants wisdom and finally the littlest says simply, “Love, Love, Love.”  What a wonderful lesson is learnt as the elders say, “Ah now that you have chosen love, we will all come in, because wherever there is love there will also be blessing and wisdom.”

A warm and heartfelt retelling of an African fable with great illustrations by sister duo Maryanne and Shayle Bester.  Their previous works include The Cool Nguni, Why Dog is Afraid of Storms, I Know That!, Three Friends and a Taxi, The Long Trousers, The Missing Ball and Mealies and Beans.


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