The Fault In Our Stars

By John Green (Penguin)

If you haven’t heard the rave reviews of this book – you’re in for a treat. An emotional story that goes far beyond a YA title, I was pulled into the story of cancer patient Hazel and her boyfriend Augustus from the first page. Hazel has cancer in her lungs. She has to walk around with a breath contraption and sleep attached to a machine that breathes for her.  Augustus is the ‘healthier’ one – his cancer took his leg but he’s now in remission. Hazel and Augustus meet in cancer therapy group and they teach each other about living – all while a deadly clock keeps ticking.  They share an irreverent, ‘cancer gallows’ sense of humour, making plays on their condition, “She’s breathless’ he says of Hazel.  ‘He’s legless,’ she responds.

A simple line, ‘I like life’, stayed with me long after.  The simple pleasures of a glass of champagne, a dinner with your love, a walk in the park, being able to breathe without pain, all become so much sharper after reading this story.  Another bestseller, made-for-movie book by John Green – he is the biggest name in YA publishing circles and on all Hollywood’s top speed dials. Now we just have to see if the movie does the book justice…

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