The Great Sheep Shenanigans

Age 4-6

By Peter Bently and illustrated by Mei Matsuoka (Anderson Press)

A lovely spin on the wicked wolf looking to eat the lamb story. A wily old wolf called Lou Pine is desperate to disguise himself as a sheep so he can cunningly slip into the flock and eat them all up. Standing in his way is Rambo the Ram. He tries various ways to fool the sheep but none work until he bullies Little Red Riding Hood’s gran into knitting him a wooly outfit, which looks perfect.

He thinks he’s got the sheep in the pot until the clever granny reveals her own little trick. Punchy rhyming verse, a witty sense of humour and bold illustrations make this a great chidlren’s book. Bently is the author of other classics such as The Great Series and Meet the Parents.



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