The Mindfulness Colouring Book

Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People. By Emma Farrarons (Boxtree)

The adult colouring-in movement is reaching new heights – and this little book is a gem to keep in your handbag for trips, queues, waiting rooms or just some relaxing creative time. French illustrator Farrarons  has filled her book with beautiful scenes and intricate designs that prompt you to meditate as you mindfully colour in. The key word here is mindful. (Although you’re supposed to get a blissfully stress-free and empty mind by the time you’re done!)

Being creative is definitely more relaxing than reading the paper, scanning your Facebook updates or mentally going over your to-do list. It’s a chance to switch off and let your brain waves go on a different, more colourful and meandering path for a while.

It’s sad that we have become so stressed that we have to resort to kid’s coloring-in to relax – but actually it makes a lot of sense.  When kids colour in they lose themselves, thinking only of their colour choice and how the picture looks.  Adults can have the same experience – with more sophisticated doodles to colour in than princesses and pirates.  We think it would make a great gift for stressed out teens too – especially those that don’t do art at school and need to have time out from screens and school work! Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Get more inspiration for mindfullness illustration here and find out about Farraron’s other books.


For a free download check out Design Mom – a fabulous blog by designer Gabrielle Blair.




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