The Museum

By Susan Verde and Illustrated by Peter H Reynolds (abrams & chronicle Books)

“When I see a work of art, something happens in my heart. I cannot stifle my reaction, my body just goes into action.” The Museum is a gorgeous picture book that celebrates the many varied reactions a little girl has as she twirls through an art museum.  Each style of art motivates a different reaction until she arrives at a blank canvas and she is inspired to express herself.

This is a great book to get young children to think about the art they see in an art museum and to appreciate it on another level.  When they feel bored trailing around on a trip, get them to tell you what the art makes them feel, what they would paint to show the same feeling and what they feel like doing when they see that art work.

Celebrated illustrator Peter H Reynolds (he illustrated the Judy Moody series and many other favourites too) writes, “This book reminds us that art is meant to cause the audience to feel, and even be challenged and mystified. It is with deep thinking and feeling that we truly experience art.”  Susan Verde is a yoga teacher, author, and speaker and she is inspired by celebrating the unique experiences of every child in the world.  Look out for her book I Am Yoga – a great introduction for children.





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