To find the time to write…

I’m writing this at month end.  Which is a mad time to try to find the time to write because bills are due, filing is all over the floor, staff must be paid, emails sent and replied to and children’s activities for the coming month planned and diarised. But I’m inspired so I keep writing and then I check twitter or Facebook or my SMS’s because I am also easily distracted.  As I said, its the end of the month. In the midst of one of my distractions I came across this blog post on the Scholastic site by MG Leonard, author of The Battle of the Beetles: Beetle Boy.

Working Spaces

I love how she describes her working spaces – anywhere except her desk! Maybe thats my problem.  I have a lovely office with a desk overlooking a pretty autumn garden and a calm meditative Thai Buddha.  And on that desk sit a million things to be done.  Including – a notebook with a new idea for a story I wrote in the middle of the night after an inspired dream/vision. About the gift of patience.

I will get back to that now but leave you with MG Leonard’s delightful tale of where she writes.  I’ve also been listening to Philip Glass Metamorphosis and Glassworks the whole afternoon since she wrote: ‘I always listen to Philip Glass when I write.’  Sublime. This is not music to pay bills to but to let your imagination flow and the words find their determined, tricky, spidery way onto the page.  Try it.  I hope you find the time to write this month, or the time to do whatever it is that inspires you, drives you or warms your heart.

Now if only we had trains in Johannesburg like they do overseas.  I suppose I could travel back and forth on the Gautrain to the airport if all else fails…

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