4 Kid’s Activity Books

Activity books are a great way to get kids to do some light reading and keep them busy during stay-at-home days or on holiday.  They also get them in the habit of looking at books rather than screens and feeling that there is fun to be had in a book.

Where’s Wally series by Martin Handford. (Walker books) This range of books featuring the ever elusive Wally and his friends has kept all my kids busy for years.   Look out for the  travel-sized activity books packed with puzzles, games, searches and activities.  This search-and-find book includes a bonus fold-out Wally board game, perfect for Wally-Watchers on the go!

Notebook Doodles Flowers / Unicorns By Jess Volinski.

The worldwide doodling trend is still going strong and we love it.  While there’s no reading involved there’s plenty of left brain activity and stress-free fun. (Plus parents can have a go too).  Look out for all the books by Jess Volinski – they are gorgeous and make great gifts – throw in some sparkly pens too.

Paw Patrol Activity book celebrates all thing Paw Patrol – this will keep little fans very happy.  Look out for sticker books too.


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"I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in"


Robert Louis Stevenson

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