Unstoppable Me!

By Dr Wayne W. Dyer with Kristina Tracy (Hay House)

Unstoppable Me! came just in time to save me from yet another argument in our house about taking responsibility.  Subtitled ‘10 ways to soar through life’, this is a self-help children’s book jam-packed with life lessons. After a week of arguing over unfinished homework, forgotten school hats and the other usual stresses of children’s lives – this was just what I needed to read. It brings you back to the basics and reminds you – and your children – what is really important.

What do we want for our children?

We know children today are stress-loaded. Faced with increased offerings of extra murals, pressures to be popular, to be competitive and to succeed – we need to take a deep breath and remind ourselves what we really want for our children.  I know what I want – I want them to have the skills to be confident, loving and happy children. I want them to know that they don’t have to be perfect – they just have to be themselves – which is the first of Dyer’s 10 lessons – “You’re great – no matter what!”

Sometimes however, I lose sight of this. I may even have been guilty of comparing them to their more organised older sibling (hangs head in shame). I too am under pressure and Unstoppable Me! reminded me to see the magic in each child and have more fun with them. Yes, I need to teach them to care for their belongings and to have pride in their work – but I will do better to teach them this by strengthening their belief in themselves and the fact that they are so great – therefore they can manage their life – rather than nagging and complaining. Whew! A good morning’s lesson.

Life lessons

The other lessons are just as important: Persistence Pays Off, Welcome to the Unknown, You have a choice, Farewell to Worry, Peace begins with you, Enjoy the here-and-now, Healthy Me!, Creativity is the Key, and What can you give? Each concept is explained in a rhyme and then an example of how this might work is given. The illustrations would appeal to children age 4-10.

Author note

Dr Wayne W. Dyer recently passed away at the age of 75. He was a motivational speaker who wrote a bookshelf of motivational books that usually made it the New York Times Bestseller lists. As a father of eight children (three is a juggle – the mind boggles) his words come from experience as well as a deep belief in the power of love and self esteem. Look out for his other children’s books Incredible You! and I Am. Parents looking for some sound advice on raising confident resourceful children may enjoy What Do You Really Want for Your Children? For more info check out his website here.









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