What Do You Do With A Problem?

By Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom (Compendium Inc)

What do you do with a problem? Do you ignore it, do you shoo it away or hide from it?  A beautifully simple book about facing problems and finding their gifts. Age 5-10

The Gift of a Problem

When a little boy is filled with anxiety about an unnamed problem following him around, he struggles to think what he can do. “I wished it would just disappear. I tried everything I could to hide from it. I even found ways to disguise myself. But it still found me.”  Finally he realises he will just have to face it.  And this is where the gift of the problem is revealed.

Visual Feast

A thoughtful book, delicately illustrated in sepia and soft grey pencil and watercolour with a purple storm cloud representing the problem hanging over him. The page bursts into colour when he attacks the problem and splashes of yellow represent the opportunity it holds. The simple words, reminiscent of a child’s questioning, effectively and calmly tackle the stress a problem can bring. A great book to share with an anxious child or anyone facing a challenge. It could also be used as a discussion book in a class room. To see if it’s right for your child, listen to this reading or this one on You Tube. 

Find What To Do With A Problem at all good stores.

Yamada is also author of What Do You Do With An Idea? and What Do You Do With a Chance? Follow him on instagram here.

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