What’s That? & Can You?

Early Starters Series

Written by Rod Campbell (Macmillan)

What’s That? is a first words book perfect for getting 0-3’s to identify familiar objects and animals from the farm, the park, the home, the shops, and the road.  Rhyming text makes the words stick in their minds and the clear illustrations are friendly and descriptive.

Can You? is a lift the flap book full of surprises that will delight little ones.  Questions ask for a reply in action: ‘Baby can stroke the cat. Can you?’ Then the little reader gets to stroke the furry belly of the cat.

Rod Campbell specialises in books for pre-readers and he has written bestsellers such as Dear Zoo and the Buster books.  He gives sound advice on the importance of reading from an early age:

‘Reading aloud while looking at a book makes the connection between the sounds of language and the written marks on the page, which is the start of the learning to read process. Also, babies and toddlers come to realise that there is a world inside the book to which they can return, and experience the same pleasure over and over again.’



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