Why Must I Go To School?

By Oscar Brenifier and Illustrated by Jacques Després (Franklin Watts)

Why must I go to school? Good question. Said no parent ever. Unless you homeschool (and then they still have to go to school – just at home) or are genuinely interested in debating the answer with your child, most parents probably feel inclined to answer with a quick, “because you need to learn all those things that will enable you to get a job one day!”  or “because you need to make new friends, play sports and have fun.” Well, those are a few of the suggestions given in this philosophical range about the big questions children ask, the rest look at all sides and acknowledge that there are different ways to learn and not all of them happen in school. The ultimate answer is left up to the child though – with a “What do you think?” end note.

Another book in the series is Why Must I Do As I Am Told?  The series is meant as a starting point for introducing philosophy to young children and to promote thinking skills, help them develop their questioning of the world around them and encourage them to make up their own minds about ideas and abstract concepts.  Other books include Why Am I angry? and Why am I Jealous?

A great discussion series to get kids to see the logic in certain arguments and to think for themselves, which we desperately need in the world right now.  Perfect for dinner table or classroom discussions.


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