Yes Days, No Days

By Mia Von Scha ( Light Page Publishing)

Is it a Yes day or a No Day?  Every child, like every adult, has their moods. Helping them understand and manage those moods is the message in this friendly little children’s book.  On one day everything can be glorious, including your delicious breakfast, the next day everything is gloomy and that same breakfast is yucky.  Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! The book takes you through a typical day of tantrums and tears on the one hand and smiles and laughter on the other.  Which one will it be?  The wonderful news is it’s up to you!

Von Scha is a South African parenting coach at Transformational Parenting. With a playful tone and lighthearted simplicity, Yes Days, No Days takes the sting out of bad behavior and shows how it can become good behavior with a better attitude.  The Dr Seuss style rhyme and rhythm, together with bright illustrations brings the positive messages to life.  A helpful companion to parenting your children in the early years.


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