Young Bond: Shoot To Kill

By Steve Cole (Doubleday)

Guest reviewed by Kalen Voller-Young, age 11, Grade 6

From the moment James arrives at a new school something crazy happens and he is being chased by other students who want to beat him up.  The action continues when he is offered a place on an exclusive airship trip to America.  The night before they take off another student shows him a movie clip he has accidentally received which shows someone being killed.  From here on the the adventure is intense and exciting as well as scary at times. It turns out that everyone is after this movie video and they will kill to get it.  I loved the book – it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read.

If you like scary and exciting books for age 10 − 14 you will like this.

Parents note: There is violence and death in the book – so not for sensitive readers. However I have noticed that young boys seem to brush off these violent acts as they see so much already on TV and in movies.  Young Bond is a part of a series of books for young adult readers and it features the James Bond of Ian Fleming fame as a young teenage boy who was attending Eton College in the 1930’s. The first series was written by Charlie Higson and this new set of Young Bond books will be written by Steve Cole.



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