The Songbird Cafe Girls: Aurora and the Popcorn Dolphin

by Sarah Webb (Pan Macmillan)

Guest reviewed by Eva Rose Agulnik (9)

I liked The Songbird Cafe Girls: Aurora and the Popcorn Dolphin very much because it was interesting. It’s mainly about family and friendship. I think dolphins are beautiful and reading taught me a lot about how clever and amazing these creatures are. It makes me think that people should pay more attention to dolphins. This book made me really realise that (like Aurora without a mother) , it must be very difficult for children without any mothers. Also, if this were a true story, I would be amazed how Aurora got over her mom dying. I loved this book. I would like to read more in The Songbird Cafe Girls Books.


Parent’s Note: This is the third book in Sarah Webb’s heartwarming series about friendship and family, set on the fictional Cork island of Little Bird.  After the death of her mum, Aurora – nicknamed Rory – finds solace and healing in the fascinating world of dolphins.  When she bonds with a dolphin called Click she realises that all the dolphins are threatened by the use of dolphin nets.  She’s determined to do something to protect the dolphins and her friends at the Songbird Cafe are only too happy to help. The healing bond between animals and humans is beautifully explored. Perfect for readers aged 9 – 12. Find out about the other books in this lovely series here.


The Songbird Cafe Girls




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