Harry’s Stormy Night

Written by Una Leavy and illustrated by Peter Utton (Atheneum Books)

“All evening the North wind roared.” These evocative words set the atmosphere for the story about the night Harry and his family hole up inside while a storm roars around them. Even though the electricity has gone off, Harry and his parents find little homespun ways to pass the time, from baking to playing finger shadows , making a fire and eating together. This charming tale is a reminder about the simple pleasures of life. It will wrap you up in a reassuring blanket of cosiness and peace from the world.

It also has a lovely side story of sibling love. When Harry’s little brother Tom wakes up crying in his cot in the night, Harry is there to sing to him and calm him. Heartwarming and well-written, this is a family favorite. The watercolor illustrations by Peter Utton are gorgeous and add to the feeling of the family home being a safe haven in the world.


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