Lots of Dots for Little Hands

Parragon Publishers

We’re dotty about this Lots of Dots wipe-clean book for little ones.  Dot-to-dots are brilliant for hand-eye co-ordination (that magic word) and they also help kids see the connection between lines making a bigger picture.  Experts believe kids who play dot-to-dot games keep their minds sharp and develop  better listening and communication skills. The more connect the dots puzzles they do, the better their picture and number comprehension becomes.

These are numbered dots (and the numbers are fairly small) so your child needs to be able to read numbers. Good for developing numeracy, counting and matching skills. It’s not a problem if they get the numbers wrong as they usually start to see when a line doesn’t work on a picture. Perfect for journeys, waiting rooms and rainy day activities.

Ooh and comes with a detachable wipe-clean pen. (that one that you usually lose or gets left with the lid off… :))


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