The Private Blog of Joe Cowley

By Ben Davis and illustrated by Mike Lowery. (Oxford University Press)

Guest reviewed by Joe (12)

This is about a 14 year old teenager Joe Cowley who is desperately wanting to sort his life out because everything is going wrong. This year he has made a to-do list. He wants to kiss a girl before the end of the year and he also wants to get revenge on a bully who gives him a very rough time. This book is the funniest book I have ever read.

It is very interesting and you can get hooked into it after you read the first two pages. The book is kind of inappropriate but that makes it so funny. I highly recommend it to anyone who is older than 10!

Parents note: This is aimed at 13 – 15 year olds but preteen readers from age 11 up will enjoy the peek into teen life. It’s written by stand-up comedian Ben Davis so it’s filled with witty one liners. It also deals with issues like how to put a condom on (nothing actually happens – just a bit of Dad advice to his son) and first relationships so parents can judge if their children will enjoy it. Think Diary of a Wimpy kid meets Adrian Mole for teens. Plus it’s a series so you’ll get young boys hooked on reading if they like the first book.


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