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Little Moments of Joy (or What the Frog Taught Me)

It’s the little moments of joy in life that add up to give meaning and shape to our lives.  Don’t get caught in the trap of busyness to miss them. Play the game We play a ‘what was your favourite part of the day’ game when we’re all sitting at the table for family dinner. It gives everyone a chance to share and often brings up topics of discussion that continue way beyond the table. What always amazes me is how often its the smallest things that brought me the most happiness that day. A bunch of  flowers that look just
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Teach Creativity

If you watch  this inspiring video cartoon clip and feel a bit sad that this could be your child, or you – then take action! It’s no surprise that school and our regular, regimented life can kill any creative instincts we’re born with.  If we expect all children to fit into the box of schooling we’re doing them a great disservice.  Schools should inspire learning and growth, not merely conforming and basic ABC’s. Teach Creativity Children obviously need reading, writing, math, and other content subjects but this shouldn’t be taught at the expense of a child’s natural instincts for creativity and wonder. We
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