Monthly Archives March 2016

To find the time to write…

I’m writing this at month end.  Which is a mad time to try to find the time to write because bills are due, filing is all over the floor, staff must be paid, emails sent and replied to and children’s activities for the coming month planned and diarised. But I’m inspired so I keep writing and then I check twitter or Facebook or my SMS’s because I am also easily distracted.  As I said, its the end of the month. In the midst of one of my distractions I came across this blog post on the Scholastic site by MG
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Thato’s Birthday Surprise

Very proud of my first Book Dash book – Thato’s Birthday Surprise – now online here.  Illustrated by the super talented Brad Cuzen and designed by Jodi Houareau.  Book Dash was a whirlwind experience in Durban last year – a wonderful buzz of creative energy that filled the library at St Mary Kloof School. For those that don’t know about Book Dash – these books will be printed and distributed to schools in disadvantaged areas for free. Individuals or companies can fund this printing and donate books to schools of their choice. Book Dash is a wonderful initiative founded by
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