How to Make Your Own Book

Easy Home Craft: Make a Mini Book

Craft Skills Rate: Easy peasy.  Age 5 – 10. Use of scissors.

This is a fun craft that children can manage all on their own. We’ve purposefully kept it simple and unsophisticated. The joy is in making up their own story – whether it’s with words or drawings or both.  This craft encourages children to express themselves and become mini authors and illustrators. For some writing tips, check out our writing page here.

Materials: Lined or blank A4 paper, cardboard coloured paper for the cover,  scissors, colouring in pens, stapler.


1. Take an A4 piece of paper and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again. (Watch the You Tube video at the end if you’re not sure how)

2. Staple the long side of paper together and cut through the folded ends on the short side. Ta daa! You have a book.  Make a few of these and staple them together to make a bigger book.

3. You can cut a cover out of the coloured cardboard paper if you want to make it more robust.

4. Start writing and drawing or filling it with stickers and decorations.

5. Write your name on the cover because now YOU are an author!

Watch our great YOU TUBE video with sister and brother team, Mae and Tom and their friend Isla. Let us know what you think!





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