100 Things to Know About Saving The Planet 

Age 7+

By Alice James, Jerome Martin, Eddie Reynolds, Rose Hall, Darran Stobbart, Lan Cook and Tom Mumbray  (Usborne)

Filled with questions that make you think about new and exciting discoveries about our planet and ways we can save her.

With a biomimicry angle, (the study of how we can learn from nature) the book poses question such as:

Could plastic-eating bacteria help reduce waste?

Can a river be given human rights?

Could we generate all the power we need from the sun and the wind?

How do woolly sweaters help penguins in peril?

Would building a giant sunshade in space stop the world from overheating?

A bold, graphic and exciting book, full of big, small and unexpected ways to save the planet. We love that it’s practical and thought provoking. 

Perfect for curious minds and really gives hope and positivity to children feeling overwhelmed with the problems the world faces. Many children feel anxious about environmental issues.  This shows that there are always new ideas and solutions. For more eco-friendly books, look at our roundup here.




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