So the kids are sorted and have their books to read. What about you?

Here’s a highlight of great books for parents that have nothing to do with parenting.  Because we all need a good read.  Reading is not an indulgence.  It is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your mental wellbeing. It keeps you interested in the world and it makes you more interesting. It teaches you about topics you may never have thought of and it entertains you.  Also, reading is good for your brain – it improves memory and concentration, vital for preventing Alzheimers. 

If you need any motivation to read, remember that children learn to become readers by watching their parents and carers read!


1. Love & Fury by Margie Orford (Jonathan Ball Publishers) 

This book knocked me over.  I am still thinking about it. 

2. Who Looks Inside by Anna Stroud (Karavan Press)

3. What Remains by Dawn Garish (Karavan Press)

4. In Silence My Heart Speaks by Thobeka Yose (Karavan Press)

5. Inside Your Body There Are Flowers by Diane Awerbuck (Karavan Press)


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