Guest reviewer: Tom, Age 18 Months

Little Hands Trust Box Set 3

By Niki and Jude Daly (Jacana)   Age group: 1-3

A sweet set of Little Hands Trust books for toddlers that explain activities and concepts such as colours, shapes and textures in a simple and accessible way.  There are many board books that explain concepts to toddlers but the charm here is Niki and Jude Daly’s illustrations and style.  There are books on animals, bugs, playtime and opposites. Tom was immediately transfixed and looked at each page carefully, making little noises when he saw the instruments. He loved the illustrations depicting stories such as the little artists enjoying their favourite activities, and the humour in the children’s expressions will appeal to adults.  These are the perfect box sets to take in the car.

Little Hands Trust is a non-profit trust which promotes reading and literacy and they have other toddler books by different authors, in all the 11 different official languages in the same range.

**The Little Hands Trust helps to motivate and nurture reading and writing among children in Africa and their care-givers. They support and promote the development and use of children’s storybooks in South Africa and, where possible, in other parts of Africa too in African languages as well as English, French and Portuguese and Arabic.

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